About Us

Almost 15 years ago, 3C Industries (formerly 3C Contracting) took root as a small construction management consulting firm in Urbana, Ohio. Built from the sweat of hard work and honest, small-town values, our business earned a reputation for quality work with a focused attention on always “doing better”.

Two generations later, our family-run business is tackling diverse and challenging projects in both the public and private sectors. We’ve evolved with new skills and adopted new technologies that drive both innovation and efficiency, but we remain steadfast to the commitment that’s been the source of our longevity since the beginning: focus on continual improvement (Kaizen is the Japanese term for this) and business is personal, know your client.

As a minority-owned business, we believe the lens through which we understand clients’ needs brings a fresh perspective, and we offer flexible solutions to tackle their most pressing challenges.


Derek Hairston


Derek Hairston

As the next generation of leadership in our family-owned business, Derek is intimately involved with every aspect of operations. He has over 10 years of international leadership and construction management experience and leads the organization by providing clear vision and oversight to ensure all teams are delivering projects on time, on budget, without safety incident and in line with clients’ expectations. 

Having worked with clients and projects of all sizes and complexity, Derek is a firm believer in being hands-on, working as a trusted and strategic partner throughout all phases of a project from planning to execution and beyond. 

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Our Mission

3C Industries will set the standard for service, quality and professionalism, as well as resourcefulness, innovation and efficiency through the application of technology and industry-proven best practices.

Our Values


Customer Minded

We are always professional and responsive.


Safety Focused

We are vigilant in ensuring the safety of our employees and clients, both within our facilities and on the jobsite.


Always Improving

We are continually learning and evolving. Lessons learned are derived from every completed project.


Pursuing Innovation

We pursue new technologies and smart solutions to better serve our clients and process’s.


Respecting Our Roots

We honor our heritage,embrace new ways of thinking and doing our work even better and recognize that the foundation of our success will always be hard work.


Valuing Diversity

We celebrate our diversity and treat each other with dignity and respect.


Building Careers

We strive to be an employer of choice and to mentor professional and personal development.

Industry Certifications